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  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    TRADE AND SAS, has a specialized division of Strategic Marketing focused on providing high-level specialist services to all companies and businesses that require of the...

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  • Multi sector Importations

    Multi sector Importations

    We commercialize imported products of all kinds, providing the highest standards of international quality with certifications that guarantee our products in several countries around the world...

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  • Qualified Staff

    Qualified Staff

    TRADE AND SAS, has highly qualified staff, always ready to provide the best experience to all our customers and users and a permanent support in each management carried...

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  • Creating Markets

    Creating Markets

    TRADE AND SAS, manages, creates and trains all our select clients in strategies mass marketing with global projection to intervene efficiently and profitably in established...

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Welcome to TRADE AND SAS

Welcome to TRADE AND SAS

TRADE AND SAS, is consolidated with high level profile offering a great variety of services to the global market; for this purpose the company uses its various operative divisions that channel the marketing in a large variety of consumer markets, having as strength in its portfolio, the required experience and a great operative track record consolidated in various operational fronts of the market.

TRADE AND SAS, has a highly specialized and qualified staff, always ready to provide the best of their work on benefit of our customers, orienting our services to top-level attention in order to satisfy all the needs and requirements of our customers.

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