Company Purpose

TRADE AND SAS, has staff of extensive experience in the industry and extensive logistical and financial support, which allows it to maneuver and integrate in a way autonomously multiple business execution platforms.

Thanks its extensive experience TRADE AND SAS, has a portfolio of multipurpose type, providing a range of specialized resources according to each requirement of our clients, designing specific strategies and developing ideas innovative and at the forefront of global market requirements.

Because of the projection and multi sectoral and multinational consolidation which has TRADE AND SAS, we have a backrest and a consolidated structure so solid and secure on the market, we enjoy wide recognition in international markets of suppliers of high quality products and services and a platform for import and marketing of a wide range of established products in international markets.

TRADE AND SAS, has a great team specialized in each of the action areas of the company, always ready to provide a timely and efficient service of consultancies and conflict resolution in a way professionally and efficiently.